Brothers of the Arc Welding Giveaway is looking for the best welders in the industry to share their work with us in the forum and through social media. As one of the largest producers of free online welding videos, we receive a lot of merchandise from companies asking us to review their products. More often than not, we get to keep the stuff, whether we release a video on it or not. Well, the time has come to unload a lot of this free stuff, in addition to helmet stickers and other free swag for the shop. Enter, the "Brothers of the Arc Welding Giveaway"....

Here's how it works:

1. Share your finest welds on our Facebook wall with the hash tag: #BrothersOfTheArc.
2. We will feature each and every weld that is posted.
3. The picture with the most likes / shares at the end of each day will receive a care package from

So that's it. Simple enough, right? Now go show us your welds!